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For the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993:

  • This application form collects personal information about you.
  • This information is to
    • Assess your eligibility as a tenant and
    • Collect information which would be provided to a tenant default database or credit bureau if you enter into a tenancy agreement and fail to comply with the terms of that agreement. (A tenant default database records the names of persons who have been found to breach a tenancy agreement or the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 by the Tenancy Agreement.)
  • The information in this tenancy application form will, if you enter into a tenancy agreement with us, be held on a database and used by us and by the owner of the rented property.
  • The information will also be made available to credit bureau or tenant default databases.
  • If you do not supply all the information in this form, you may not be considered as a tenant for any of the properties we administer.
  • You have a right to see the information held about you by any credit bureau or tenant default database and to correct it in accordance with the Privacy Act.

I, the applicant apply for approval to rent the premises referred to in this form and acknowledge that my application will be referred to the landlord of the property for his/her/their acceptance, and if the application is approved, to prepare a Residential Tenancy agreement for the premises.

I, the applicant, declare that I am not an undischarged bankrupt or under 18 years of age, and that the information provided by me is true and correct.

I acknowledge that I am aware that I have to pay a letting fee of one weeks rent plus GST if I am the successful candidate, and sign a contract with Fair Rentals Ltd.

I consent to you providing the information in this form and details of any proven breach of my tenancy agreement or of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 to any credit bureau, tenant default database or other landlord. I acknowledge that the information may then be publicly accessible through credit bureau or tenant default databases.

I agree that you may use any information on this form to enforce any judgment in respect of the tenancy agreement or in respect of any order against me made by the Tenancy Tribunal.

 I confirm the information in this form is true and correct and that i have read the Privacy Act 1993 Statement above
 I accept the property in its current condition.